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Selected Books & Links of Participants

Andres Duany Suburban Nation
Dolores Hayden A Field Guide to Sprawl, Building Suburbia
James Howard Kunstler Geography of Nowhere
Setha Low Behind the Gates
Robert Putnam Bowling Alone, Better Together

Jim Wark Aerial Photo Site, America

Further Reading & Research

The New Urbanism by Peter Katz
Fortress America by Blakely & Snyder
American Metropolitics by Myron Orfield
The City Reader by Legates (editor)
Craving Community by Todd Mansfield, Ross & Beth Yockey
Newcomers to Old Towns by Sonya Salamon
Big Box Swindle by Stacy Mitchell
more suggestions from Andres Duany


Related Sites

Sierra Club Sprawl Site
Sagauro Seminar (Robert Putnam)
Social Capital Blog
Project for Public Spaces
Congress for the New Urbanism
The Built Environment Blog
Richard Layman's Rebuilding Place Blog
Sprawl City
Sprawled Out Blog
The Aesthetic Elevator

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